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Namaste!  Welcome to our site.  Please take a look around and let us know how we may be of assistance.

In today's world of emerging light workers there is an ever increasing pleathora of people to choose from. This is good and bad for you, the seeker. Unfortunately, there are those who are in it for a quick buck, a scam, or are "Masters" from a one weekend conference or worse yet, a book.

With the difficulties we experience in life and the darkness that surrounds us, we become easy prey for those who would do harm and take advantage. Those who would tell you you must believe one way, do one thing, pray only certain ways, etc..

Spirituality is an individual path and we each have a purpose, a journey, and a spirit which needs to be cherished and nourished. My life has been spent studying different religions and different techniques so that there are as many paths as there are those who seek them.

We are not a counselors of psychology, we consider ourselves to be counselors of spirit.  It is our goal to be a  lantern of the pathways, to help you along in your own journey. We are not a Reverends of just a church, We are binders of love and souls. We can counsel you regarding Holistic Health and teach practices to keep body, mind and spirit growing and healthy.  We would be honored to be a part of your journey.

Humankind must be a steward of the Earth;
Caretakers for all that dwells upon it;
To be of one heart with all things.
Human beings must learn
to share the tears of every living thing,
To feel in our hearts the pain
of the wounded animal,
each crushed blade of grass;
Mother Earth is our flesh;
the rocks, our bones;
The rivers are the blood of our veins.
We are all children of God.
Traditions are open to anyone
who wants to learn.
Huichol Holy Man
Be blessed and let each new breath give you strength!
This Love this heart
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